Thursday, October 30, 2014

Labour wipe out

So finally the consequences of Labours plans to fan the flames of nationalism, anti English bigotry, and grievance in Scotland are coming home to roost.

There's an opinion poll this evening that represents near wipe out for labour in Scotland. Indeed not on a scale seen since Labour and the Lib Dems decide to push the Scottish constitutional convention and the sinister and notorious Scottish claim of right to wipe the Tories out.

What goes around seems to come around.

This may be terminal for Labour, or perhaps just Ed Miliband. ( There is a school of thought that thinks the circumstances are being engineered to drop Ed. )

But whatever the truth of the plots and rumours of anyone cares to save the union they are going to need a better plan than the current devolution mess and hope for the best.

And let's not forget thus is the result of Labours willful vandalism if what was once called out nation.

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Anonymous said...

So England ends up being ruled by Scottish Nationalist Party MPs taking the place of the current crop of Labour's Scottish-based MPs. That's a story without a happy ending.
It seems to me that there is a considerable vacuum forming at the heart of UK politics.