Friday, May 03, 2013

UKIP moving forward powered by the people - why not join us ?

As I mentioned earlier I've been away for the week, and I was just back in the UK a few hours ago. So I've missed some of the early local election excitement.

But I'm catching up.

2nd in South Shields - very good.
Lots of new councillors - excellent
2nd in many Woking seats - exciting
Predictable can't believe the oiks are getting votes from career Tories -tick

The Lib Dems seem rather quiet - do they have a lot to be quiet about ?

Dave has descided that those who vote UKIP aren't racists, clowns and fools as long as they come to heal and vote for him in 2015 - predictably condescending and out of touch.

Numerous Tory MPs dare a little criticism followed by the career saving statement of loyalty and its all because we haven't explained ourselves enough line.

The odd Conservative now ex-councillor gets out his 12 bore and gives modernising / marriage redefining Dave both barrels ( great - can I direct you to the UKIP membership web page where you can help finish the job ).

Is this a new purple dawn - I really don't know, I fear it might be more like a cup upset - but if you agree with UKIP and Nigel Farage and your in another political party then now is time to be counted and to come and join us and kick the political class where it really hurts.

It won't do to wish for the ends but be found sleeping in your beds when your nation needs you.

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James Higham said...

Indeed, MiaS. A good move.