Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Queens speech - listening or spinning ?

As ever ever Her Majesty has shown us how lucky we are to have had her service to our country over all these years by performing her duties with the characteristic dedication and grace for which we all have cause to say God save the Queen for. ( And if you didn't get the point she brought Charles along to remind us all of the alternative. )

But what of her government ?

( By the way wouldn't it be great to hear our politicians showing some humility as describing that government as Her Majesty's Government and HMG again, rather than the republican The Government where those careerist parasites try to usurp the sovereign and nations authority with.)

There is supposed to have been some listening to the non-buoyant voters who defected surprisingly from the traditional parties to UKIP. So what do we have ?

No mention of redefining marriage - by the BBC reassured us breathlessly that ending everyone's marriage and replacing it with the redefinition by metropolitan elite diktat is going ahead anyway. Spin.

Stuff on making is hard to be an illegal immigrant - by forcing more red tape on private landlords , GPs and hospitals. I have some sympathy with the NHS stopping its abuse - but this doesn't even address the perfectly legal tidal wave of immigration that started under Labour and carries on today. It will have little impact beyond its intended purpose to put Labour politicians in opposition to Tory ones on the Today programme - talking about immigration. Spin.

HS2 to carry on - so the wealth destruction cycle continues with a scheme to cost billions just so a few left wing MPs can get to and from their constituencies a bit faster, rather than investing in job creating motorways. Spin and Epic Fail.

Bill to allow EU propaganda to be spread to her Majesty's subjects. This is serious - no spin here - this one's Treason.

George Osborne's tax payer funded housing bubble scheme to make everyone feel better by 2-015 at the cost of an even more unstable debt ridden economy. This should be a crime.

So I'm thinking mostly spin and an attempt to save the sorry parasitical careers of the professional politicians concerned.

Listening - even if they were able they clearly could never understand.

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