Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Only a vote for UKIP will change anything

Sorry the blogging's been light, but I'm away on business.

Which means I'm only now catching up on the latest polling for the local elections.

Now its quite clear the game of expectations is being played by the Conservatives, as well as a whole load of playing the man not the ball type muck raking by the posh boys and girls in CCHQ.

In such an environment its hard to know about polling info - is UKIP being set up for a fall, or is it really on the verge of a break through ?

But one thing I can predict is that every vote for UKIP terrifies the professional political class, and that in itself is reason to do it.

Let's be clear they won't listen if you don't threaten their careers and gold plated pensions.

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J stiles said...

This is the very first time I've read your blog. Seem like a very unlikeable sort of cove so won't be bothering again.