Friday, May 24, 2013

Little learnt

Like everyone else I'm deeply saddened by events in Woolwich, though I'd have to say not surprised.

I'm reassured by the bravery of those who went to help.

But I'm afraid officialdom's response is the most depressing. Everyone is falling over themselves not to mention the obvious. We need to find out where the evil religion of these two men is rooted and pull it out of the earth that nourishes it and place it on the bonfire where it's adherents ultimately wind up anyway.

Its just no good saying that these people didn't understand. They understood just fine - and we have to face up to that.
Its time we openly challenged their beliefs and creed.


Douglas Murray puts all this better than I have here in Nothing to do with Islam.

But if straight up delusion's your thing you can read Mehdi Hussan's nothing happening here move along now  - religion of Peace and anyway what about  Brevik Anders smoke screen here .

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Barnacle Bill said...

It is also time we admitted that the foreign policies persued by B-Liar & Gay Gordon are a part of this problem.