Monday, May 27, 2013

Just who are the politicians thinking of with new censorship ?

Suddenly we have a media campaign (in the UK post the Woolwich murder ) to ban certain individuals and groups appearing on TV, and perhaps appearing in Google searches etc.

Let's face it those interested in radical Islam will find what they are looking for anyway. The government knows this won't work, so who is being censured here the speaker or the listeners? Is it to prevent the wider public learning what these individuals think and believe, so the public is only left with the laughable Clegg/Cameron religion of peace meme.

And let's remember once the law is on the statute books whose tho say how that law will be used. Will those who speak against the EU or ending marriage and replacing it with the abomination Cameron/Clegg have decided it should be find themselves censored for hate speech ? What of those who point out the inconvenient truth about the climate change fraud?

We should think very hard before accepting restrictions on freedom of speech.

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James Higham said...

Laws, laws, laws but no rule of law.