Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The tax payer underwriting peoples mortgages - insane

Osborne and his little helpers in the Treasury need putting against a wall a shooting ( future press freedom deniers organisations please note this is a figure of speech not a direct incitement - for now ).

Even Radio 4's PM could spot the weak point - what if there another housing crash ? Houses are still 40% over valued. A further crash is a very serious probability.

This is all about trying to give an artificial boost for 2015.

Osborne is unfit for office.

Peter Oborne has it right in the Telegraph - our politics is failing us.

As I've mentioned elsewhere debt is the crystal meth of democracy.

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Rich Tee said...

My prediction: we will muddle on for a few more years, with resentment amongst working people growing at street level.

Then there will be a crisis, or a series of crises: power cuts or councils running out of money.

Then a dictator will assume power. Because there has been so much chaos and resentment people will put their misgivings aside and back a dictator.