Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Gas shortage threat should not be a suprise

This blog gets written anonymously, so there's a limit to what I can say about this subject and protect my identity. But let me spell out a few painfully obvious truths:

1) The coming problems with gas supply have been known about for.over 10th years. The national grid and its earlier incarnations publish a ten year forecast regularly. I've read those that were published over 10th years ago. Today's supply crunch should come as a surprise to no one.
2) As we have moved from supplying from our own gas fields to imports we have lost flexibility to meet peak demands. What was needed was more storage. I've also seen how we fair on gas storage compared to other western countries - and we are way below their capacities.

Why was little done ?

Some was attempted but Nimbyism bloked some storage projects.

But more was down to the policy misdirection caused by the Global Warming scam.

The irony is that if gas is shut off and people die, then they will have been killed by Global
Warming. Just it will have been the policy reactions to it that will have proven fatal.

P.S. Labour are very much to blame for all this. The disasterous creation of the Department of Energy and Climate Change is a key part of the confusion. And one young son of a notorious marxist was one of those asleep at the wheel.
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