Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why you should votye UKIP in Eastleigh

There is only one way to vote in Eastleigh to make a difference.

Vote Conservative and they're candidate will be swallowed by the modernising project that thinks destroying marriage is a political priority.

Vote Lib Dem - and you get another Chris Huhne to join Renard and all the other Lib Dem political careerists.

Vote Labour a waste your vote. Why not really annoy the Lib Dems and Tories by voting UKIP.
But vote UKIP and you can overturn the political class's apple cart.

Vote UKIP and the country will cheer you all on and the political class that has destroyed our pensions, betrayed our country and enriched themselves stutters on the Today program.

Vote UKIP and love Friday morning Eastleigh !

Even if you're a Conservative vote UKIP to get Cameron out !

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