Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cold revenge

There's a recurring them in the news at the moment.

Its revenge.

We have those 'getting even' with Jimmy Savile - long after he can answer for the awful things he has done. ( I think we can have sympathy for the victims, but perhaps less for all those people who were 'in the know'. )

Next up is of course Chris Huhne - who treated his wife despicably. But her rage is now the cause of her answering a court case.

The defections of a ex-Lib Dem mayor to UKIP and a UKIP MEP to what still is called the Conservative party. All stored up for the key moment to use them.

Next we have the Lord Renard accusations that have the Lib Dems in a spin, just before a by-election  C4 claim they were looking into all this weeks ago, but you do have to wonder about the timing.

And of course Cardinal Keith O'Brien - who has been accused just at the very end of his career and you have to assume the timing is designed to influence the election of a new Catholic Pope.

There's lots of revenge going around - and much of it served up cold.

Just saying.

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Rich Tee said...

One of the saddest changes in Britain.

It used to be a country of good humour, dignity, restraint, reasonableness and fair play.

The causes? Immigration has introduced many people who do not have these personal qualities. Socialism/communism is also a cold and cynical system where manipulating people is regarded as necessary - the means justify the ends.