Thursday, February 28, 2013

UKIP is the only chance to beat Clegg's coalition

Today the Telegraph mentions that the Conservatives may come third. This reverses their argument to scare people off voting UKIP as it will let Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne &Lord Renard's euro-quisling party back in.

Labour can't win anywhere south of the M4 - so if you want to punish the Coalition in Eastleigh vote UKIP.

Make a real difference - vote UKIP. As an added bonus UKIP clearly have the best candidate who would make the best MP.

Perhaps the yellow pot hole pointing at cult that Lord Renard created will satire endlessly and lie shamelessly to gain victory - but its the UKIP vote the political class will measure. fight back - vote UKIP.

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James Higham said...

Only worry, to me, is Nigel. He just doesn't seem to be tearing strips off them enough.