Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today was all about David Cameron and his career

The problem with con men is you fall for their patter, in some ways because you want to.

David Cameron delivered his pull out from the EPP referendum gambit today.

The odds are he'll never be called on the offer. Clegg has been quite clear the Lib Dems would have none of it ( despite be committed to their Real Refrendum ). And the truth is only a small number of Conservtaive MPs would need to rebel to stop it. Is anyone expecting a Conservtiave landslide in 2015 ? Thought not. So it won't happen.

Something Cameron is calculating upon, because this talk of referendum is all about shooting what Cameron thinks is UKIPs fox ( the only type of fox hunting with press hounds still legal ).

The problem with this gambit are as follows:
  1. No one trusts Cameron any more - not after the caste Iron Guarantee.
  2. Cameron's real problem with the country is his insane demand to redefine marriage, not an EU referendum. UKIP poll surge really got going when he started to tell everyone marriage is over and he and his metropolitan chums have a new definition of something quite different in mind.
  3. He has light the blue touch papaer for a Conservtaive implosion - because when they fail to deliver the referendum those who are to the right of Nick Clegg will realise they have to leave.
Still maybe Cameron gets to be PM for a few more years in a second term Coalition govt, and that's all he really cares about.

The sooner those on the right of the Conservtaive party face up to this the better for everyone.

PS Cameron in true form deceiving the electorate in a party political broadcast. See the condemnation of him from Fraser Nelson in the Coffee House blog here.

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