Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cameron attempts in finesse the Eurosceptics

The leaked line is that it will be an in-out referendum ... or at least that what team Cameron would like tomorrows headlines to be.

Of course you only get this with second term Cameron rule - which betrays Cameron's real concern, which is to try to shore up the haemorrhaging of votes to UKIP.

Cameron wants to deliver up the UK to Brussels, with a few soaps to keep the patient quiet as its bleed to death by the EU parasite.

The sad thing about our politics is this might work for him.

Its sad as I don't think- after the vested interests and establishment campaigns for a year - the UK will vote to leave the EU. And having failed to take the exit we will be doomed to the gradual death of our nation and the creeping oppression that the EU instinctively brings.

There's only one way to get the UK out from the EU, and that's a UKIP vote.

Its going to be a long road to freedom still - and by the time we are ready the EU may not allow us to leave ( or to have political parties opposed to it. )

We have to start being a lot harder headed in the appraisal of our politicians. Cameron has betrayed conservative England - and really should never get another chance to do it again.

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