Sunday, January 20, 2013

Algeria is a sovereign nation, unlike the UK

There a repeating whinge in the UK media right now about Algeria not "asking permission" before acting against the Islamic Terrorists at that gas plant. Equally Algeria has not accepted the "offer" of UK special forces ( or at least not publicly ).

Well here it is folks - Algeria is a sovereign nation. It is fully within its rights to act within its own borders against an evil threat it knows all to painfully well. ( In the mass media very little was made of the massacres carried out by its Islamic terrorist groups as the UK media was still buying into the "religion of peace" meme at the time. Think whole train loads of innocent people having their throats cut and the whole affair being video'd. You missed that ? Well it was a few years ago and that's the self censorship of the UK media. )

If Algerian forces acted decisively and fast its because they've been here before. They understand it's a long war, and you can prolong it by giving the evil murders and their fellow haters of God the oxygen of publicity.

I realise this not have been the optimum solution from the point of view of the individuals taken hostage - but its the sort of leadership that's needed to fight the terror.

If "Call me Dave" finds this hard to grasp - that's bacause he's not really master in his country but has to have chats with Obama, and faxes from Brussels to get his policies and mind made up for him.

Mrs Thatcher would have understood. Mrs Thatcher would have applauded decisive action, she would not have appeased the terrorists.

Dave, Ed & Nick haven't a clue.

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Elby the Beserk said...

Hear hear. The Algerians handled the situation superbly. Our enemies need to know that we are as bad and mad as them, and that we will destroy them, regardless of the collateral. Islam is a death cult - let is give them death by the wagon load, if that's what they want.