Friday, January 25, 2013

Poltical deceit, misdirection and the new equality fascism

This morning I had the dubious privilege of listening to Maria Millar MP on the today program.

She was of course fronting up David Cameron's plan to end marriage and replace it with new construct based on whatever the equality fascists of the day say it is.

The BBC did its best to help playing the distraction of the status of carrying out these new ceremony's for I can't believe its not marriage on the Church of England. ( Just as the govt intended - it just wants the focus of debate moved away from what marriage is to some minutie of the application of the new order - Tony Blair must be very proud Cameron. ) This allowed Humprhys to use the phrase "some people migth call them bigots" - full marks for the BBC Marxists !

But Ms Millar then engaged in a  process Mr Oborne has outlined in his book recently. When asked about the Christian teacher who will be sacked she moved to misunderstand the question. Why ? Because the short answer is yes Christian teachers will be sacked because of the requirement to promote marriage in the Education Act. But using that slippery trick of the professional political class Ms Millar pretended that people would be allowed to offer their opinions as part of a balanced discussion of views.

This is the Stalinist line from what was once the conservative party.

I hope Ms Millar finds something she likes for the 30 pieces of silver that are her reward for her betrayal.

No Green Paper - no addressing the issues or the legal implications - the law now just doesn't matter accept when its used top oppress Chrsitians and other people who get in the way of the political class.

Does anyone really think Cameron can be trusted on yet another EU misdirection !

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