Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HS2 just shows the utter conetempt that the modern Conservative party holds for the public

The new HS2 map is almost like a mental map of how the metropolitan elite that has captured the Conservative party views England.

In short they'd like to bypass us, our culture, our values - all they really want is our money to pay for the voter bribing operations they need to for fill all that potential they showed at Oxford before they had to dirty themselves by talking to everyone else.

HS2 will destroy value, cost the earth, bleed the current rail network to death, destroy the regions not build them ( as experience in France and Spain confirms ), and sell our children further into debt. All this so arrogant politicians can carry on playing at being in power.

HS2 sums the utter contempt that modern politicians show for the people up.

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James Higham said...

I draw the line, MinaS, at calling it a Conservative Party, modern or not. It's not my definition of conservative.