Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dave needs more than a dead cat bounce

David Cameron is starting to look a little desperate. The truth is the great Europe gamble has to pay off and pay off soon for Cameron.

He needs more than a small bounce.

After all the great stab in the back for conservative England is coming with the abolition of marriage and its replacement with the metropolitan elite's current whim. Soon decent people will have their children exposed to the 180 degree opposite of their values and that nice Christian teacher will back sacked and hounded out of his or her job by the fascist equality fanatics.

All of this on Dave's watch.

So he's been trying - or rather telling his minions to try.

Gove is a sure bet, but defence looks suspect. Was his promise ( cast iron again - or one of those promises people think they've heard but which very clever party commentators can later tell us he never meant or said ) real - or will there be cuts.

On families - Dave has massively upped the marginal tax rate on aspiring middle class families ( maybe he only has trustafarian friends and sycophants who don't tell him how this is going down ). He's tried to compensate by offering dump your children and work more schemes, but who lost the most - committed mothers who used to be the bed rock of the Conservative support.

Dave has let it be known he's thinking of race quotas for big firms. ( Well hinting at it via requiring published figures - and we know Labour will finish the job when they are next in power ). So that's kicking the married good father in the teeth and then stamping on his head for good measure, but then asking him to vote for you.

Its not going so well is it Dave.

The rest of the party has noticed and the stalking horses are being buttered up ready to do the deed.

Dave needs a poll bounce, but is it coming ? ( I genuinely don't know, but hope not. )

Its time to ask what is the point of David Cameron.

PS The Blairesque hiding abroad is fooling no one Dave. I guess you're just trying to fill the media grid before you destroy marriage next week.

Well its not just me:

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