Friday, December 14, 2012

Labour: the flood gates open were opened to win more votes

Why is there a shortage of housing in the South East ?

Why can't our youth get jobs ? (ok the Labour education system has a case to to answer here also.)

The answer to both is Labour opened the floodgates to immigration and they did it to germander future elections.

A bit extreme ? Do I need to put my tin foil hat back on ?

No because we all know this as it was reported in 2010. See here.

So when Red Ed gets out his dog whistle for white working class votes today remember he's just misleading you straight to your face (political lying)  about his past and future intention.

PS Note that the BBC ( in particular Radio 4 Today ) buys it all - doing its usual biased trick of reporting on something that is going to be said, so not allowing comeback from those who have a different take on events.


Anonymous said...

"germander" ?

James Higham said...

They were and now we're paying the price, as intended.