Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UKIP gets noticed

The first of what will no doubt be a long line of attacks is made on UKIP today.

The mechanism is the printed views of one council candidate, but the plan is to smear the whole party.

These are the attack tactics of New Labour, which have been studied by their disciple's and heirs.

Expect a lot more of it now UKIP are polling at 14%.

The road for UKIP willl be long and hard. This is probably, and sadly, a false dawn.

Its like a  non league side holding a premiership team to a draw in the FA cup - you know that the premiership team will have tactically unlocked the smaller rival by the time of the replay and the results wont be pretty.

There will be wounds to be licked after this is all over as the attacks will be without mercy when they come.

But its just the start of a long war. But it won't be for the faint hearted.

UKIP must focus on winning the argument and persuading the next generation. This is a long term campaign that will last perhaps more than a 50 years.

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