Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scottish kids to be forced to attend Gay Marriage (propaganda) lessons

And here we see the real reason the redefining marriage issue is being pushed. It will be illegal for parents to object to their children being indoctrinated at school ( indeed they may never even know its happening ). So that it will be legal to indoctrinate your kids at school and drive Christian and Muslim teachers out of the education system.

Sinister, evil - just another day at the office for Cameron, and it appears Salmond.

Note especially the paragraph

    The Lord Advocate will also issue new guidelines on prosecuting opponents of same-sex marriage who have been deemed to have committed a breach of the peace or displayed “threatening or abusive behaviour”.

This is the real agenda here. The oppression of anyone who dares speak out, or tries to protect their children from the modern heirs to Jimmy Saville.

How did the country that stood for freedom against terrorism, fascism and communism find itself turning into a police state over this ?

Update: Right on cue the BBC has a report advising it to use children's TV to feature more gay and lesbian characters. They are proposing doing the equivalent of grinding the medication down and putting in children's food.

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Jim said...

I have always said that the whole gay marriage thing has nothing to do with rights for gay people (as they already have all the rights married people do via civil partnerships) its purely a stick to beat other people with, namely the religious, and independently minded non-religious too.