Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giving away money to fund corruption at home and abroad

The British Overseas aid transfer of tax payers money to distort over seas economies is at last being called into question.

Many of us knew about the corruption it caused in countries where it was used - including space and nuclear powers.

What we had been less aware of is how its all run to fund the careers of those people handing it out. The fat consultancies, the power trippers who like to play Santa Claus 24/7 with other peoples money. And of course the Tory modernisers who see blowing billions as likely to pick up a few votes from deeply confused and gullible Guardian readers in some marginal constituency - or perhaps just prefer being able to deploy a few facts at dinner parties when fending of the ranks of champagne socialists.

It has to stop.

But boy how they squeal as the light is shone upon the masters of aid. Just heard one such appologist on Radio 4 's Today. They'll be a lot ore to come.

I hope Justine Greening is the woman many of us think she is and will cull these parasites.

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