Tuesday, October 02, 2012

RedEd will fail on his half baked education ideas

More apprenticeships ? Skills for those that need them ? Who could argue against that ? ( Well nobody of course - and each government in its turn tries to do something on these lines ).

Why do they fail ?

Because these schemes are usually half baked and in the pocket of the educational establishment, whose main aim is the detention of 50% of the over 16 population who should be in work, having been taught the basics of who to read and add numbers up in the previous 11 years of full time education.

But then RedEd's policy isn't serious - its just all about cynical manipulation and triangulation. His focus groups will have approved it as most likely to deceive voters.

Labour have *never* understood the world of business. They're legions of state sector employed only / professional political class just see technical things as the stuff the unwashed do.

Its business as usual from the British political class and is most cynical chapter the career Labour politicians.


Anonymous said...

Ed Bollocks's promise to build 40 000 houses reminded of Joe Slovo's prmoise to build 1 million houses in 5 years after the ANC took power in South Africa. Poor buggers will be lucky to get 5 houses in a million years.

Woman on a Raft said...

Agree, but danged if I can spot the difference between the other lot, and for much the same reasons.