Saturday, September 15, 2012

If the centre ground is so important why is everyone suddenly pitching to the right ?

Well we can now hazard a guess at the inner workings of the hive minds of the Labour and Conservative parties over the Summer as they have both come back with the same element of strategy - pitch to the right.

The modernisers in both parties have been telling anyone who would listen for two decades that its the centre ground that matters, and yet we have:

  • Milliband saying he won't publicly admonish some evil Tory loving capitalists until he's in power and can quietly use Brown's tactics to spread poverty by wealth confiscation and waste. ( Red Ed outs this slightly differently of course in terms of not being against self made rich people - think Branson, as I bet he is.)
  • We have a whole range of right wing dog whistles from the Conservative part of the coalition government. Immigration - with the public attack on London Metropolitan University's visa sponsoring status. Eric Pickles trying to say the extermination of Christians from public life should be delayed till he's got their votes in 2015 and Conservative Voice ( yet another campaign group designed to stop the hemorrhaging of party members to UKIP ).

And that's the common factor : fear of UKIP. The marketing men have picked up the movement under the water as people sicken of Cameron. Conservative party membership is heading off a cliff and many life long supporters like myself have defected - finally realising that nothing will change whilst we continue to lend our support to the career politicians.

I expect the party conference season to have an almost deafening chorus of dog whistling- especially at the political lobbyist and big government campaign group meeting that is called the Conservative Party Conference.

We will see...

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James Higham said...

Because Right is right, MiaS.