Monday, October 04, 2010

Getting the Tory pain in first

Over the last few weeks we've had plenty of noise about the defence review and cuts that are to come. This makes Conservatives very nervous, after all we are the party that traditionally support a strong national defence. ( Yes you can find New Labour triangulation guff saying something else - but their deeds on helicopters and funding show otherwise. )

Now we have the abolition of child support for much of the middle classes - which will dominate the media today as journalists compete with each other to find the starkest example of that journalistic gold "the loser". Odds are the big losers will be Tory voters.

So what's up ?

I suspect this is a deliberate policy so when the rest of the inevitable cuts come middle England will say we've suffered too, and their hearts will bleed a little less as the realisation that Labour really have run the country into the ground finally takes hold.

Further: Peter Oborne making some similar point in the Telegraph 15 Oct 2010 here.

Even the Mole: has finally caught on. Of course the tactics mentioned above have largely succeeded and the time for the left to counter was a few weeks ago. Now the impending roar of the reduction in spending to pay for Labour financial disaster will drown out all analysis as we wait for the wave to hit on Wednesday.

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