Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Enemy of the almighty state

Of goes the alarm this morning and into my barely conscious brain goes the latest line from Radio4's Today program.

The mischief fromfor today is that Tories, at least some ( in BBC terms bad Tories ), would really like to shrink the state.

On comes Dan Han to explain how the efficiency of the state drops of after 20%. Then there was a Nick Boyles (?) on about how he loved the NHS but that didn't make us socialists like the Germans.

Of course the BBC is making trouble - but on this occasion they also have a key point. The contest is between those who want to make the case that a large parasitic sector is bad for the patient, and those who don't want to lose votes from those is state dependency.

We should be making the bold case, but I fear we won't.

Watching last nights Newsnight ( in part ) I saw the reasons that an alleged Tory insider had leaked to Newsnight for the less than stellar performance in the election. The lack of a decontaminated brand came up - and this is the argument that the don't scare the horses brigade will use. Unfortunately it wasn't the case - we failed to be bold enough. And its a mistake we could be about to repeat.

If we want to take on the state that has grown to self sustaining parasitic proportions we're going to have to bolder and the target of a lot more Radio 4 Today attacks. IMHO.

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Anon said...

The Glenrothes bi-election was rigged, reportedly. I suspect the general election was also rigged.

- Aangirfan.