Monday, October 04, 2010

Farewell "To Miss with Love"

Another remarkable blog has come to its end. "To Miss with Love" - the blog of an inner city teacher, who doesn't fit the stereo types and has some important things to say about school life and our children in the inner cities has come to an end.

She has just started a new job, and I suspect the ability to blog anonymously is now almost non-existent.

So like Civil Serf before her we will lose a blog that tells us something real about a part of the nation that the media just gloss over with their attention deficit syndrome.

My advice, if you have a bit of time, is to nip over to her blog here and read some of the posts before they get taken down.

Update: I'm afraid the blog has been taken down. But this is interesting ....

Further: Cranmer has made the connection official and has a far more fitting summary of Miss Snuffy's blog life and political evolution here ( its a must read ). I fear that the left wing will want its usual sadistic revenge, but I hope it will be disappointed.

My other occasional comments on her blogs are here.

Also The Guardian reports that there's a book deal on the go. Excellent - I'll be buying a copy.

Later update: Its now a long time since this orginal post and the world knows that it is Katherine Birbalsingh who was Miss Snuffy.

I've noted a lot of hits on this page, I assume from people trying to find out more about her blog.

Well she now writes a more conventional blog over on the Daily Telegraph and has a book coming out very shortly which I imagine will include a lot of the material that was once in the blog.

I have it on pre-order and I wish her well in her battle to tell things the way she sees them, rather than the way left wing ideology insissts she believes.

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