Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More with less - not if the TUC and left can help it.

Public sector is 'riddled with the bone idle': Fire chief's devastating message to the TUC | Mail Online

This is the sort of thing Civil Serf used to tell us.

Of course the Unions and left hate it, which shows its not public services that they really care about.

Further: And lets not forget Lord Digby Jones comments about being able to do twice as much with half the people, and he was a member of a Labour govt !

And whilst were here lets not forget how well paid and looked after public servants civil servants are.

Further Andrew Haldenby over at Coffee house

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Bill Quango MP said...

Did you hear the women on Radio 2. She said she used to go to the gym for 2 hours a day after lunch when she was a public sector worker.
"I only did it because everyone else did."

Anonymous said...

I note that you have narrowed the focus for your abuse from public servants to civil servants. It would be helpful if we could know how you define a civil servant because the official definition would be any civilian who is employed by central (as opposed to local) government. Perhaps you only mean general treasury grades or are you also including the office cleaner, the spy and the man who looks after the boilers. It is important that we know these things so that we can decide whether to be worried, annoyed or amused.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - you missed out confused as an option.

The point is that the unions are not interested in public service when they defend expensive and unsustainable working practices - as its clearly not a real service to the public to do so.

At some point someone has to pay for all the imports - we can't borrow forever.