Friday, September 17, 2010

Note on Red Vince refusal to stand up for English careers and jobs

So here we go again - Vince Cable is doddering about trying to get his principled resignation right. He can't go just now as he's not ready to stab Nick Clegg in the back just now ( and anyway the Left need the Tories to take the blame for the grown up decisions that must be made shortly after their criminal irresponsibility ).

The excuse Red Vince is preening himself with is the arbitrary immigration cap this year. He trying to go with the idea that English business can't cope with it. After all we are a country of only 60 million people with the highest graduate rate we've ever had. And anyway business would rather hire than spend years training and building up England's future.

You see where I'm going with this ?

Any Business Secretary worth his salary should be saying hold on a minute - why doesn't business develop the skills they need. Are English graduates just thick and useless ? ( In which case why spend all that money forcing vast populations through the expanded University system ).

And anyway UK Business has the whole of the EU to recruit from !

So why is this an issue and at the same time the assumptions behind it not an issue ?

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