Monday, September 20, 2010

Its quite clear many Lib Dems love state bureaucracy more than children's education

Not much time today - just a brief observation that its clear many Lib Dems ( those who voted against the life chances of anyone who could get into a Free School ) are right in step with the middle class hating educationalists at BBC who are excelling themselves in biased rabid left wing propaganda this week.

As I've said before - remember, if your middle class, the left hate your children [1] [2].

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Durotrigan said...

Yes, something that John Humphreys said this morning almost made me choke on my cornflakes. According to this fount of wisdom, the first duty of the government is defence and the second is . . . ? What do you think? Upholding the law? Ensuring the safety of its citizens? Ensuring that we live in a free society? Apparently not. It's second duty is to enforce "equality". When did we start living in East Germany? Has something happened or did I miss it?

More on the endemic BBC abuse of language here: