Thursday, July 22, 2010

Labour's hateful ideology against some SEN kids will die slowly

It was another choking on cornflakes morning listening tot he BBC - this time R5Live.

The left is wheeling out everyone it can to prevent socialist control of the education system being undermined.

This morning the excuse against the full implementation of Tony Blair's ( and really John Major before him) academies program was special education needs (SEN in edspeak ).

The man who used his disabled son as a TV prop to try and upset David Cameron with a unreasonable rant during the general election was wheeled out. ( The BBC of course neglects to mention that he's a Lib Dem activist and work for a left of centre think tank. )

He demanded inclusion- and berated those with "ideological" commitment to choice and daring to challenge the almighty socialist state about how is destroys the lives of their children. How dare people want a choice and not accept what the all wise state demands they accept !

All must be treated equally - even if doing so destroy the life hopes of those who must be sacrificed on the road to greater socialism and equality. ONWARD ANIMAL FARM !

The truth is the state control people are the ideologues. Their failure to recognise that for some children special schools are a Godsend is either wilful and heartless ( as is required of much of the abject failures socialism creates - and yet its adherents will never tire of claiming about how they are working for the very victims they create ), or they have missed on on a vital part of their education themselves.

Man in a Shed has recently had a conversation about inclusion concerning a member of his family and the worries of those in the state controlled sector is always about their ideology and control of the money - never about the outcome.

That's why free schools and the academies and parent choice are vital to protect us from the terrible power of the state and those who would use it to crush poor vulnerable children in the name of equality.

Keep going Mr Gove - some of us are right behind you ( though you shouldn't wait for the BBC to give you a fair hearing ).

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