Saturday, July 24, 2010

Turns out the Polys were smart

What are we being told just now about the mass holding pen for unemployment that is our University system ?

1. Vocational courses should be taught ( maybe not to target degrees )
2. Many students need to study from home to save costs.
3. Two year courses are a good idea.
4.We need to produce people trained and education for our economy's needs - not to keep academics employed.
5. Academic standards have dropped with the number of firsts rising spectacularly and anything less than a 2i being useless for anything above burger flipping.

Almost all of these points were integral parts of the old Polytechnics !

Our inverted snobbery and desire to show progress rather than achieve it lead to their abolition and reformation as supposed Universities.

Its now clear it was a terrible mistake.

Now if only we could win the argument on grammar schools as well ....


Unknown said...

Before any way of doing something is changed we should first identify its good points and ensure that they are retained. Obvious really.

But the real problem is that we have an institutionally left-wing state broadcaster that dominates the news agenda. Just look how often stories are reported and the only official commentator or interviewee is from the Labour Party as if that is the only opinion worth reporting.

We need to break up the BBC.

Man in a Shed said...

@Wildgoose : Couldn't agree more on the BBC. Any government serious about reform of the country in any direction other than statist socialism should abolish the BBC as a high priority.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered how the military teaches people to do quite complicated and skilled things
disciplin and selection I suppose.