Monday, July 19, 2010

The end of term rush

Yet another blogging excuse - its the end of term and I'm running a three ring circus this week.

But just let me comment on Labour cynical attempts to stop education reform - you can hear all their opathetic and disingenuous arguments coming out of the mouths of the likes of Ed Balls and teaching Union reps. ( And the BBC, the mouth of the left, keeps on about the wrong numbers the Labour created quango gave Michael Gove weeks ago about the end of Ed Ball's fantastically wasteful school's consultants enriching program, weeks after it has any relevance. )

They are desperate to avoid their special little fiefdom of failure that damages so many children and creates the destitution and failure that socialism needs to feed on from of being damaged.

Sorry blogging's going to be light this week - but I wish Michael Gove good luck fighting for our children's futures against those on the left who think destroying those futures is their birth right.

Further: Its worth reading Andrew Gilligan who says that there is now wide spread speculation that left wing civil servants are actively trying to destroy the government. If this is true then the wide spread politicisation of the civil service must be assumed and mass redundancies of senior politicised civil servants follow.

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