Friday, March 12, 2010

Trouble ahead ?

This article by Robert Peston made the running on Radio 4 this week, but were so tied up with the attempts to dominate the media by party spin merchants that reporting gets drowned out by the noise. I bet most people didn't internalise the implications.

Its worth reading what Mr Peston has to say - on this occasion about Bank Funding.

Gordon Brown will want to show the bailout of the Scottish Banks as going well for the tax payer - so expect no honesty there.

Again, as I've asked, the question is "what if things don't pick up" ?

All the scenarios getting aired in politics right now are sunny day scenarios where we argue with Labour over when to stop over-spending money we don't have and must borrow. ( With the Lib Dems doing their usual in-between act ).

But the case for immediate action becomes overwhelming when you consider what happens if the rain keeps falling.

This is a point Conservative politicians could do with making.

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