Saturday, February 20, 2010

What if - there is no recovery ?

Labour have pinned their hopes on the Tooth Fairy - encouraged by Prof Blanchflower et al.

But what if there's no recovery ?

The pound was competitively devalued over 6 months ago - yet our balance of payments gets worse.

We've had £200billion of printed money to pay Gordon Brown's debt for a few more months "stimulus", yet almost none of it went to private enterprise ( as the govt and BoE spun the initial plan to start Mugabenomics ).

VAT cuts and car scrappage schemes boast other countries economies ( as we import so much ) at the expense of our debt.

In this case Labour's ( & lets not forget those ultimate hedge betters the Lib Dems ) have made the most disastrous mistake possible. They have loaded vastly more debt which we must pay interest on and repay - mostly to let the value of that money leak overseas due to the UK's continued bloated non productive sector sucking in imports - and all this just for the career of one very selfish man - Gordon Brown.

Labour have gambled with all our futures and taken unforgivable risks.

This risk could have very real consequences - for example the shortages of life saving drugs as pharmacists export them to higher exchange rate areas, and that's just the beginning.

Its all been one massive gamble for a few more votes for a few dishonest politicians who want to carry on destroying the country for a few more years.

There is just no excuse for voting Labour. They are selfish, reckless and just plain wrong - and some of them who know this are evil for putting their party before country.

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