Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lib Dems reverse course on fiscal responsibility to use debt to buy votes

You knew it was unlikely to last. Nick Clegg has just performed a humiliating U turn as the Lib Dems back using debt on future generations to pay for votes for themselves and Labour.

Typical Lib Dems ! ( Perhaps the letter to the Guardian by his MPs to disassociate themselves from his policies won't be needed this time. )

Remember there is no substantial recovery - and the signs are that a second dip of the recession and a credit crisis in private industry are very likely. There is very unlikely to be a recovery strong enough to give a good time to stop mainlining on debt. All the while debt floods the compartments of the ship of state, which shortly may sink suddenly in a financial crisis.

Vote Lib Dem - get Gordon Brown's economic destruction of the country continued !

No Change at all with the Lib Dems then !

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James Higham said...

Who in his right mind would ever vote for the Lib-Januses?