Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cash Gordon

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Here's the thing. Everyone knows there must be public spending cuts - even the Lib Dems leader has called for "savage" cuts - and we all know the flannel about back office and efficiency savings is just that.

In the end Labour's army of diversity officers, and carbon leadership managers will have to be taken into a room and handed the P45s along with a number of more deserving people.

To say or pretend anything else is just dishonest ( which is why Labour are doing just that right now ).

But Labour can't even achieve the ridiculous plans they have mentioned already ( which are based on very irresponsible fanatsy growth rates - which is why the EU is condemning Labour today ). They are trying Enron type accountying to con the public until after the election.

But then what ?

What if by some terrible occurrence Gordon Brown was still in charge of the country after June ?

The truth is now appearing Labour won't be able to take the necessary actions, even the pathetic dishonest few they have hinted at - because the public sector Union and other Unions now own the Labour party.

Labour last Non-Dom donor will probably have to stop funding the Labour party - so it'll just be the Unions.

The Unions have already secured many of Labour's new candidates and members.

Labour will lead us to ruin, because they have sold themselves to the Unions and will be unable to make the public sector cuts that have to be made.

Vote Labour and within 5 years Britain will be a worse basket case than it was when socialism last tried to destroy our country in the 70s. ( And remember there are plenty on the left who want to achieve just that outcome, as it will allow them to impose the authoritarian type of socialism they used to so admire in Eastern Europe. )

PS And lets not forget Gordon's favourite spin doctor Charlie Whelan .....


James Higham said...

In all seriousness, it's going to be how they're distributed, those cuts and over what time frame.

Man in a Shed said...

Its interesting to ask how the Barnet Formula will working with reducing spending. Devolution has only occurred during a period of plenty for state spending - the reverse will be a lot more toxic.

The issue for Labour is whether they will be able to make even the modest reductions in excess spending they are promising given they are so badly compromised by the unions.

Personally I encourage by a harder hitting Conservative tactics like this.

But as you imply winning is only a small part of the war against national debt and the deficit that Gordon Brown has forced on us all.

Letters From A Tory said...

After a period in which the public got nervous about the Conservatives, it's good to see the tables being turned for a change.

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