Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A bar chart you can believe in !

Its election time, which means the Lib Dems will be out playing their usual tricks and of course to ubicutous dogey bar chart.

Well this year the local Woking Conservatives have poked fun back at the hobbiests as you can see below.If you want Brown Out - vote Conservative. Any Lib Dems might keep Brown in power !

H/T to the Conservative leaflet that just dropped through my door.


Quiet_Man said...

Sorry, but whilst I don't want Brown in, I don't particularly want "Cast Iron" Dave in either.

Man in a Shed said...

@QT - its one of them or the other.

I can understand those who make the long march argument that an alternative needs to be built over many years, but I have personally rejected the argument as we stand on the edge of disaster - economic, social and political if Brown serves 5 more years.

I know other people with similar views and values to myself reach other conclusions - but this is the view point I have arrived at.

ContraTory said...

...besides, if the election result allows Labour to continue in power, probably with the support of the Liberal Democrats, the electoral system will be rigged so that no right of centre party will ever be able to win another election. That is really what is at stake, so voting Conservative is a no brainer.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It's a difficult one. I would normally vote SNP, but they don't stand a chance in my constituency. The nearest challenge to Labour is the Lib Dems, followed by the Conservatives. This time, the Dims have a real chance of unseating the Labour candidate (who is new, the last one being de-selected for various misdemeanours - Ann Moffat.)

So I am tempted to vote LD just to provide a realistic chance of getting rid of Labour. As I said, it's tricky.