Thursday, March 18, 2010

Much of the country have the same problem as Unite's BA cabin crew - they are just in denial about it

Through twitter I've been very critical of the Unite's BA cabin crew members who are planning on striking.

It looks like suicide - the airline is barely solvent due to pension commitments ( though I note BA has made some significant progress this week here ) and BA crew have the best pay terms and conditions in the industry - or at least very close to it.

Don't they know they're born ?

Add to that the rage felt by the public as their once in a life time holiday, honeymoon etc is spent instead in the purgatory of an over crowded terminal queuing for days to go no where with only the thought of what they had been looking forward to distract them.

Its political dynamite.

No wonder CCHQ has chosen this moment to highlight that "Labour has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Unite Union" - a quote from the former Labour Party Chairman by the way !

But let me put a different angle on all this .....

The BA cabin crew are in the same sort of denial that most of the UK general population is in !

Reported in yesterdays Telegraph is an IPSO Mori poll that shows:

  • 50% of the voters don't think that any public spending cuts are necessary.
  • 75% think that "efficiency" savings will do the trick.
  • 48% think government spending should increase.

Oh dear.

None of the main three political parties - not even the smear and lies driven Labour party - are proposing this. They are all proposing real cuts ( and of course "tough choices" which are never spelt out ).

As a country we are broke - we have a continual diet of more borrowing from other peoples to pay for today, saying our children will pay them back. But everyone knows soon they will stop lending to us. ( Though the ever Labour party supporting BBC doesn't believe our AAA rating is in danger - everyone else does ).

The British voters seem to have no idea of reality at all ! They haven't even internalised the falsehoods ( based on assumptions that most people would call straight lies ) Labour are peddling.

So the great British public should pause before condemning the cabin crew members who are planning on joining Unite suicide strike, because the speck in their own eye is greater.

How can a proper election debate be held when so much of the population won't face the facts ?

PS I think this shows one of the greatest failings of public broadcasters like the BBC. They should have noted that the clear and uncontested financial facts just haven't been internalised by the electorate and tried to help them understand - but I guess they are too busy putting across their left wing world view and promoting the Warmist religion to have time to do their job.


The Stigler said...

This is why we have to kill the BBC by getting rid of the mandatory license fee and replacing it with a subscription.

Just listen to Today on R4 for a few days. The bias is subtle, possibly even unaware to the people producing it.

For instance:-

1) They will have famous US musicians on, but they've always got an anti-Bush bias.

2) When it comes to a business story, the attack always comes from a viewpoint that businesses are evil. They will take the word of left-wing pressure groups without any evidence of the practices of certain businesses.

Demetrius said...

The BBC News is now largely a second rate entertainment channel with odd bits of information included. Quite when the full force will hit us I do not know, but it cannot be long now.

mark said...

When they have the leaders debates I want Cameron to get angry like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

The moderator says to Cameron:
"The voters think that you think that government finances a lot worse than you feel you can let on meaning that you intend to cut more than your telling us. The public has questions."

Cameron says to the audience: "You want answers?"

Audience: "We want the truth."

Cameron explodes with primal rage screaming: "You can't handle the truth!!"

Cameron then breaks down and sobs on the stand.

The BBC then cuts from one London studio to another London studio where the assembled political pundits are momentarily silent. Soon though they regain their composure and a scholarly discussion on movements in the worm ensues.