Sunday, July 02, 2006

English votes on English matters is unstable

Looks like the Conservatives are going to back English votes on English matters - as the next attempted answer to the West Lothian question.

Whilst it might improve the inherent unfairness of the current settlement - it must be seen as unstable. England, unlike Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland ( I won't fall for the favourite Scots Labour MP ploy of adding London to that list ) will most likely often have an executive and legislature of differing political parties. That's no stable and will increase the centrifugal forces at work in the Untied Kingdom right now.

Workable solutions are:
1) Scrap Welsh and Scottish devolution.
2) Introduce English votes on English matters and an English Executive. ( An English parliament would do this ! )

We can expect to have a lot of smoke blown in our eyes shortly by the Labour party as they desperately try to fudge this issue. The last thing they want is for the Conservative party to resolve this matter in government. I gave a few guesses as to what Brown might try recently - I still think he may move constituencies - see the post . The timing must be after Welsh and Scottish devolved elections - as what ever is decided will go down like a lead balloon in the Celtic heartlands.

By the way self righteous Scots MPs from the Labour and Lib Dem party ( yes you we're involved in this massive balls up to Ming ) should stop whinging about 2 classes of MP's. You created this situation with devolved government - if there was something wrong with the idea they shouldn't have introduced it.

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