Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Christina Lamb in Helmand- what is going on in Afghanistan?

I heard Christina Lamb on the Today prog on Monday I think. Her account of being ambushed was very dramatic - but her written piece in the Sunday Times is even better. You should listen and read these articles before you get to see your next government minister on TV telling us how the British Army might not even need to fire a shot.

What on earth is achievable in southern ? Either ministers have directly lied to us or they have been very badly informed and have failed to use common sense to cross check their facts.

See this article in the Sunday Times on what is going on in Helmand.

This is really bad ... Iain Dale is asking where is Des Brown - I'd ask what is he doing (and is he another Labour figure head appointment who is just not up to the job ?) Christina makes a few similar comments in her blog.

By the way lets not forget the excellent and brave performance of our men on the ground - in this case the paras of C company. Men to be proud of - with cheap kit - poor pay - and the direction of whoever this Labour government thinks needs to be parked as Minister of Defence. I'm certain they deserve better.

Update: From comment by Alice Thonson (page 2 of 6)in Weds 5thJul Daily Telegraph

"-Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, couldn't be bothered to come to the Commons for an emergency statement on Afghanistan. His aides said he was too busy in Scotland at his constituency surgery and that they wouldn't have time to brief him. But he shouldn't need a crib sheet. He should be up to date with his troops' involvement around the world.-"

Also see commons questions from Anne Milton in Feb 2006 here...catch the line that John Reid was selling at the time...

I also highly recommend reading Simon Jenkins quote in the blog MXC here ... he's ahead of most of us in thinking though what is going on and asking about why ministers (John Reid) committed us in the first place.

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