Friday, June 30, 2006

Labour wont stop vote fraud - wonder why ?

You just have to read this from the Times ...

NuLabour is clearly morally corrupt at the core - even elements of the Labour party machine reject its naked attempt to takle advantage of weaknesses in the voting system ( that they introduced ).

Credit to ContraTory - where I spotted this from.

Perhaps now Alexander Baker will see the light - but then self dellusion is a prerequisit of being a socialist.


alex[@] said...

Oh, by the way - I have trouble with being referred to simply as a "socialist". Apart from the derogatory nature in which it is used, the economic implications of such a label I find difficult to stomach.

It would be like calling you a fascist, which I'm sure you're not.....

Man in a Shed said...


Strangely I've always seen fascism and socialism as being strongly linked ( National Socialist, the New Party coming from Labour ).

However, if your not a socialist then I apologise. I use the term in a pointed way due to the millions of peoples lives that the ideology has destroyed and crushed - hard not to get worked up about really.

Of course in my student days I used to be called a fascist by people who voted for Neil Kinnock - but now vote for Tony Blair ( who has a more authoritarian government than Margaret Thatcher ever did ). Some of them have their children in private schools and now spend their time minimising their tax payments. It a strange world.

I could of course moderate my tone - but I think one of the great benefits of blogs is to get to see how people really feel and think. If we all self censure then the zest of blogs would be lost.