Monday, June 26, 2006

What it takes to get an independant review from this government

You might think that the following actions of the British government would lead to independant reviews/inquiries:

  • Waging war in Kosovo and its problems
  • Going to war in Iraq, not finding WMDs and its problems
  • The handling of the foot and mouth epidemic
  • The handling of secuirty before the 7th July terrorist bombings
But you'd be wrong if you asked Tony Blair. ( People accuse him of not being a Socialist - but he understands the need to ruthlessly control information - aka create his own narrative - which makes me wonder if he doesn't at least get some of the Socialism thing.) But getting a number of famous other people who are too busy to do any inquiry effectively to help with some timely good publicity* and the man from Islington, he says yes.

In fairness to St Bob Geldolf - he'll most likely do the job, and have a go at the government at the end of it - but I'm guessing the NuLabour spin machine just wants to keep him away from Dave. Of course Bob knows they're doing this, but probably hopes he's manipulating them rather than the other way round - and I wouldn't be the one to argue with him.

Of course Africa matters, but this is about the ongoing election campaign that NuLabour is running instead of spending its time running the country properly. Eye catching iniatives, reviews, policys etc every day. Anything to stop the media focusing on Government performance and Dave Cameron.

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