Friday, June 23, 2006

The rights of an Englishman to a fair trial

The rights of an Englishman to a fair trial are some of the hardest fought for in our history and too a large extent define that history. The stability of our society which has limited the power of government and allowed British subjects freedom is in many ways based on avoiding the imprisonment of innocent men and women.

The Magna Carter provided these rights for nobles, and the rest of us have received them over time. But now Tony Blair ( an ex Lawyer) wants to 'rebalance' the rights of victims and criminals. The problem is determining who the criminals are. Remember the man who stood trial for the murder of Rachell Nickell (a horrendous incident), the judge threw out the case as the accused had been lead on in his confession by a police woman - a very unpopular move which perhaps would be rebalanced under Blair's terror of the mob salivating for the rights of the victim popularism ( or at least he probably thinks it will get his party votes). Now with DNA evidence someone else is helping police with enquires, and it looks like the judge did his job to serve justice. What is to stop that innocent man being sent to prison under Tony Blair's new campaign to keep Labour in office rebalance the justice system ? ( My guess is that little will actually be done - as often the aim of these outbursts is to capture headlines, not do any governing - for which they are very well paid. )

Its clear that this isn't about the criminal justice system, but about Labour's position in the polls. My guess is they are very worried that some of the press are about to defect to supporting Conservatives, so they are pressing all the buttons (eg Megan's Law ) they can to keep the tabloids on side ( with the exception of the Daily Mail of course ! ).

It just goes to show how morally corrupt the current NuLabour government is.

Update: Just found this article by Boris Johnson from the previous day - he's better at the prose stuff than I am - read it here.

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