Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Home goal on trying to kill MMR debate

From the BBC this morning:

"In an open letter, they plead for the media and health professionals to stop raising doubts about a vaccine they say science has shown to be safe. "

This is a typical mishandling of the public by a profession. (I'm an Engineer by profession and my profession makes the same mistake in not informing about risks and more importantly educating the public about how to appreciate risk. )

Asking people to keep things quiet will just pour kerosene on the rumour bonfire. Its these sort of conspiracies (because that what they are) that make people stop trusting what they are told. If the professional and government approach is: "your too ill informed and ignorant to make the right choice - so we are going to control the information you receive to ensure you do as your told, even if it hurts some of you". Then nothing that is communicated to the public will succeed.

And of course the concern about measles is real. My personal view here is that those who seek to lead public opinion should come forward with what they themselves have done ... see previous post on MMR . Risk is something we all have to learn to live with and appreciate - just taking the decisions away from us will make us suspicious and irresponsible.

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Kay_zee said...

An interesting read - I also read the link to a previous post you made on the subject and I completely agree that it is a very tough decision for parents to make, and not as black and white as some people like to make it out to be.

I've recently had to consider having an additional booster, but decided against it due to events that unfolded after having the original MMR as young child.

I think it is vital that all parents are able to make their own decision and are given all the material needed to make that decision. I think some parents feel judged when they make this decision, but I don't think we have a right to judge others. Neither should the media have been able to run away with the story like it did. It illustrates the power the mass media now has.