Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jim Knight - a true NuLabour believer, the last one perhaps ?

If you want an example of a politician willing to just distort words and call black white - even when presented with direct evidence to the contrary then have a listen to the BBC's Today program this morning ( real player link for the next week here - the Today program also have the interview as a separate extract see here this is the best option - I only found it after writing the post or the realplayer clip).

At 2hrs16mins in the interview with James Naughtie and Jim Knight - its high entertainment and the NuLabour wish to create their own reality at its best (aka spin ). Catch it before they all disappear.

If you have a little more time then go to 2hrs 10 min in as there's some good work by Nick Robinson on the analysis of the dynamics to Blair's position post the Ides of Clarke and the real gem is the interview with Frank Dobson - who seems to be talking sense, now he's relieved of his NuLabour cult membership.

In fact the Frank Dobson analysis is probably the most important part of the interview - he quotes Shakespeare pointing out that public servants no longer fear the current government "fear no more the frown of the great" - interesting in that it is an implicit confession of something else.

In short - well done the Today program ...

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