Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What if male homosexuality could be prevented by a maternal injection ?

There are a number of reports saying about a hypothesis that conditions in the womb determine sexual orientation in men. The BBC's report suggests some sort of immune reaction.

Now a similar thing happens with rhesus positive fathers on the second child, and there is an inoculation to prevent it. Will the same thing happen with sexual orientation.

This would could create a rerun of the curing of deaf children with cochlear implants - threatening a sub-culture over time.

I'm not medically trained - so perhaps I'm making some basic errors here - but the debate is likely to rage if the implications are correct. Its something potential parents are likely to have strong views on, as well as the homosexual sub-culture.

This debate may also apply to other conditions determined in the womb in time - for example like Autism. Is it right to try and change the future population like this ?

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