Sunday, October 21, 2018

Boycott should be considered

In today's Sunday Mail there is a story that civil servants are 'wargaming' a second referendum. Though judging by the story they seem to be wargaming how to achieve a particular result.

A lot of thought has gone into creating the current mess and impasse that is being used to try to sabotage Brexit.

And a lot of thought ( by many in paid employment using their opinion groups, focus groups and marketing talents paid for by shadowy foreign powers ) has gone into a second referendum, by those for which this is a mechanism to stop the UK regaining its independence.

Its time that those who still love our country and what it to have a future, and thought we had secured that future on June 23rd 2016, started thinking through what we will do if we are presented with the standard EU solution to keep voting until the 'right' result can be obtained.

We should consider boycotting the whole process.

The EU side has been rolling the pitch for this punishment vote for quite some time. Editors of national newspapers have been replaced. Those who donated to the Leave referendum have been punished by HM Treasury, those who lead the Remain campaign honoured.

In truth no one will accept any more referendi on this issue unless significant time has passed and what was voted for the first time has had a chance to be enacted.

The punishment referendum ( please lets stop using the focus group cooked up terms the rich elite has paid to deceive people with ) would be the end of democracy as a way to achieve anything in our country. The next step for patriots has to be, in those circumstances, to make the case that what we are being subjected to is a sham - where we lose every time, and the days of being passive trusting subjects who trust in a cross on a bit of paper can achieve anything that goes against the will of the powerful ruling elite will be over.

Its time to at least start thinking about how to act in those circumstances, perhaps doing a bit of 'wargaming' of our own.

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