Saturday, January 12, 2019

On the edge

Those who have passed the selection criteria to become MPs look like they are planning on rebelling against democracy.

It looks like they are willing to stand on manifestos that day one thing then do the exact opposite when elected. ( 80% of those elected to partially did so on manifestos permitting Brexit - including leaving both the customs Union and single market. )

All in the name of almost preferring making our country a slave region of the anti-national and anti-democratic European Union.

I doubt their will be rioting in the streets. But there will be consequences - and they will be long lasting and some of them will be unexpected.

Imagine a blank swan event like to London Riots ( how quickly we have forgotten them ). Or the fuel protests. Next time the majority of the population will have a deep seated hatred of elite and establishment and could side en mass with whatever passes as the rebellion.

How have the elite managed to keep control ? By having control over the selection process of MPs - of all parties.  The elite links with the legal establishment have been key here, as have the links with finance. Both those protected professions should expect trouble in a occupied Britain.

By the way I think if the EU has any legal hold over the UK after March 29 th then we should start talking about an occupation and those who impotent that as collaborators.

The elite think they have an option to put us plebs back in our box and cancel Brexit. It is a dangerous error of judgement.

We stand on the edge of a whole load of trouble.

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