Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rule by consent is getting dangerously thin

I don't know if you have been following the new on the arrest and subsequent imprisoning of Tommy Robinson, but it looks bad.

There are cases made for why Tommy Robinson deserves what has happened - and these have been made only today as reporting restriction have been lifted - see The Secret Barrister, who sadly ruins their case with their thinly veiled bigotry.

But equally there are very disturbing elements to this case. The police look bad, the courts look bad. The idea that the police are targeting individuals to silence them is now an accepted opinion in a far larger part of the population than many comfortable middle class liberals appreciate. ( The online petition to free Tommy Robinson is now just short of half a million signatures).

Every time people here that diversity is more important than the massacre with knives on our streets - support for the establishment drops. What you say - no one is saying that ? We'll you need to consider that is what people are hearing. Think of today's announcement about cyclists in London being too middle class and white ( pretty much the same type of announcement gets in the headlines on what seems like every day, all year - with just the category being targeted changed ).

Maybe by diversity the people who make pronouncements mean inclusion and evidence of fair life chances playing out, but what many are hearing is racist anti-white anti-male relentless bigotry that targets them personally.

And all this is before we get to the wilful refusal to implement Brexit by the ruling elite.

The police are losing their support, the state is losing legitimacy, and rule of law may not much longer enjoying common support from the people.

I don't know how much of this is appreciated by middle class Guardian readers, but they would do well to try to understand - because this sort of disengagement could lead to very sudden and painful realignment.

Liberals take Robert Peston as your example- don't wait to be ashamed of being out of touch with millions of people because you live in your own cosy bubble.

The generous of England has been to adjust and adapt, not to let the fabric of society snap. Lets keep that going...

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Anon said...

I would say the Police have lost support. It's clear the Police have become politicised to a terrifying degree. They are more concerned with vacuous "hate crimes" than concentrting on real crime - like the murder spree currently taking place in London. The state is frustrating the will of the People by delaying or even preventing Brexit. We'll leave officially, you understand but actually nothing will have changed. This is not democracy and we are being ignored. Your average working class family has basically had their wages frozen for 10-15 years, seen access to schools and GP restricted du to due uncontrolled immigration, and when they complain they're called racists, homophobes, xenophobes and all the rest of it, just like we were after the Brexit vote. Then we see working class white boys at the bottom of the pile, whilst everybody else bar white males are bumped up. TR is one of us and we can see what is being done to him will eventually be done to us. His petition is now over 500,000 - well now who'd have thought that?