Monday, January 01, 2018

It was always about Freedom

The #Remoaner attempts to reverse and redefine the UK's secession from the European Union have been constant, aggressive and very well financed.

The initial tactics were the usual delegitimatising ones - specifically the knee jerk attempt to use racism and to misrepresent one line used on a bus as an excuse for saying the referendum was under false pretences. ( There is a mountain of material that shows various figures here - debates on Net vs Gross and the usual spectrum of views all aired during the referendum which shows this to be a weak and pointless argument. But of course its purpose isn't to win by logic but to give emotionally challenged Remainers and excuse to turn anti-democratic 5th columnist for the EU ).

We had the attempts to lie about what was said about the Single Market and Customs Union. This smear campaign carried on even after video evidence of both Remain and leave campaigners stating that we would do so.

Any of course there has been all the elite bigoted hate used against those who vote to get their country back. 

Who knows in 2018 will deliver - the elite has no shame and no conscience. They will try to get away with everything they can. But the one thing they are determined not to do is learn.

For the first time in years I purchased the Christmas edition of The Economist. I had been a subscriber for about 25 years, but cancelled when the utter bias and brain-dead bigotry of that magazine against the United Kingdom and it's right to have a functioning democracy became unbearable.

In this edition there is an interesting article on Deep Springs University in the US - where students have to work as well as study. What they find is giving responsibility to students changes their atrtitudes. They run the University also - and are inherently more mature ( and conservative ) as a result.

It doesn't occur to The Economist that the same principles apply to nations. A nation denied the responsibility of self government becomes infantalised and loses its self confidence.

As Charles Moore put it in the Telegraph on 30th Dec
    One purpose of the European Union is to ensure that it makes little difference who runs the government of a member state: the real power is elsewhere. Remainers like that. Leavers don’t.
Taking back control was always the most powerful message and mission of the Leave campaign, and whilst the revitalising of Parliament is giving #Remoaners the ironic opportunity to use that power to destroy our freedom and country it doesn't remove the fundamental point of the Leave patriots.

It has always been about freedom - and the beneficial effect it has on our society.

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